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2910 South Zarzamora
San Antonio, Texas

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"honest people"

"They were not able to fix my car but I'm giving them a 5. This is because of their total honesty. Mr Salinas has high integrity and is not charging me anything for the estimated parts and labor of about 2K that they had put in my car. Admittedly, my car's problem is very complicated and would have cost any repair shop similar problems. No repair shop can be perfect and fix everything even if they have years of experience. Thank you Mr. Salinas for your timely communication and the effort you tried in fixing my car."
Date of Posting: 09 February 2015
Posted By: Carmelo t.
Tyler, TX
"Always satisfied with the service. Highly recommended"

"Nogalitos Gear Transmission is an excellent car shop with trustworthy and competent employees. They provide quality service at very reasonable prices and it's always a great experience working with them. I was actually referred to them by other local car shops, and the fact that their competition recommended their service really impressed me. You can tell that the employees are treated very fairly and their loyalty is assuring. They're great at what they do and I have recommended their service plenty of times."
Date of Posting: 25 August 2014
Posted By: Donald R.
San Antonio,Tx
"Honest service and quality work"

"I have been with them since 1974. They have always been prompt and honest. I love their willingness to help me. If you want honest service and quality work from hard-working people, they are the place to go."
Date of Posting: 22 August 2014
Posted By: Ed C.
San Antonio,Tx
"An absolute blessing."

"After the way that we were treated with another company, Roy from Nogalitos Gears Transmission Services was an absolute blessing. He kept his word, kept his quote, and gave us an adjusted price when he heard that our car broke down and was left unfixed by the other company for 3 weeks who still charged us $300.00. We paid the other company for no reason, and my husband wished that we found Nogalitos when we were first going through everything.

We have a reporter in our family, Barry Davis, who reports all incidents in the area that have to do with negative experiences for the customer. I wanted to have him show how the opposite that Nogalitos is and that they treated us correctly, honestly, and kept his word. I would love for him to give a report on the goodness that Nogalitos showed us and what a good honest thing Roy did for us. I still haven't given up on asking Barry to do this, and I'm going to keep trying my very best to get the word out.

Roy is fantastic and I would highly recommend him."
Date of Posting: 28 May 2014
Posted By: Kenny and Rosie Reichert
San Antonio,Tx
"Glad they were there and have them work on my van"

"Nogalitos Gear Transmission Services rebuilt my rear end differential. I was a couple hundred miles from them when I called them on the side of the road--my van had completely died. They were great. They were the only company I called who knew what they doing and were able to diagnose the issues. They even stayed open to take the van in. They worked on it that whole weekend because they knew I needed the van to do a job coming up. I didn't even ask them to do that but they got it back to me and told me exactly how to treat the new parts they had put in."
Date of Posting: 04 February 2014
Posted By: Gary Mills
San Antonio,Tx
"Wonderful experience."

"I have an 03 PT Cruiser, and they had to do an overhaul on the transmission. They also noticed the engine mount was about to go so they replaced that. I hear something rattle around sometimes, so I took it back to them but of course it wouldn't make the sound. He gave me a six month warranty, and he told me to come back in two weeks just to check it and make sure everything was okay. He also put another service date in before the six months were up just in case. I am going to check back again about the noise just to be sure.

It's been a wonderful experience every time I've gone to them. They did this job in a timely manner, I had my car back in two or three days after they started."
Date of Posting: 07 February 2013
Posted By: Trina M.
San Antonio,Tx
"Turned out fine."

"They replaced a transfer case on my daughter's BMW. I supplied the parts, they supplied the labor. Everything turned out fine."
Date of Posting: 22 January 2013
Posted By: Steven D.
San Antonio,Tx
"Service is outstanding. Everybody is real nice."

"I have been going to Nogalitos since I was a little kid. Everybody I know uses them. Roy is very helpful and patient."
Date of Posting: 19 November 2012
Posted By: Karl T.
San Antonio,Tx
"Honest, conscientious service."

"Roy is a very honest person, and I do recommend Nogalitos Gear all the time. When I took my car there, he told me what was wrong with it. You know, a lot of places say more than what's actually wrong, but he said let's try to do this in a way that will be the cheapest for me. He's very conscientious about consumer needs and pricing.

If he performs a fix and something goes wrong, say something doesn't sound right, you can take your car back, and he will fix it at no charge until you're happy with what he did. I know my father-in-law took his car there for a lot of work. He's an elderly man of 88, and he took his car back 3 or 4 times, even though there was nothing wrong with it. Roy still went ahead and inspected it every time to appease him."
Date of Posting: 07 November 2012
Posted By: Sylvia C.
San Antonio,Tx

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What Our Customers Say

"honest people" "They were not able to fix my car but I'm giving them a 5. This is because of their total honesty. Mr Salinas has high integrity and is not charging me anything for the estimated parts and labor of about 2K that they had put in my car. Admittedly, my car...

Carmelo t.
Feb 09, 2015